Polite in Public: Essential skills for every dog!

February 27, 2024

Many of us get dogs to share many aspects of our lives with. We want a dog who is content to hang out in the house when we leave, one who can adapt to people coming into the house, and most importantly one who does not embarrass us when out in public. What are the requirements for  a dog we can take for a walk in the neighborhood without it feeling like another mentally taxing chore. Lets break down some of the big things!

No barking

The neighborhood does not need to know when we are out on a walk. They also do not care that there is another dog (person, car, squirrel, kid, bicycle…) also moving in the neighborhood. 

No jumping

Just like your neighbors don’t want to hear you walking through the neighborhood, they also don’t need your dog jumping around like a kangaroo if their kids are out playing. I also don’t enjoy trying to walk a kangaroo so 4 feet on the ground is definitely a requirement when in public. 


Everyone does not want to meet your dog. (Most people probably do but refer to the previous points) Teaching your dog to walk up a driveway and sit, or follow you to the side of the park trail while people go by is my idea of a well trained team! Your neighbors with unruly kids or untrained dogs will be jealous. 

Settle when talking

Whether at the vets office or the pet supply store, sometimes we need to disengage from our dog so we can have a conversation or attend to another matter. Teaching your dog to mind their business in those moments can be a life saver for your sanity. 


Having a solid recall is definitely more of a safety issue than etiquette. Being able to call your dogs off of wildlife or other unruly dogs is truly a gift.  Having a solid recall also allows my dogs to experience more freedom because they have proven to me they can listen around distracting scenarios. (I also love the looks on peoples faces when I can softly call my dogs on the trail and they come zooming back to me) 

If your dog struggles with some (or all) of these skills, contact us! Sometimes your dog’s inability to listen could be an underlying anxiety challenge that can be discussed with your vet, and sometimes it is as simple as learning new teaching techniques. Let us help you on your journey to a wonderful pet experience. 

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