Puppy School

You just got your tiny best friend and now you are ready to learn everything about being an awesome guardian. 

The Freckled Paw Puppy School will get you started on the right track!

With emphasis on creating a resiliant and confident puppy our puppy classes are not like others in the area. Let us prepare you for a wondeful life with your new companion!

Puppy Training Program

 Feeling a little overwhelmed with your new friend?

Want to give them the best start possible?

The Freckled Paw Puppy Programs are a perfect solution. The Elite Team of trainers will work diligently to create a sustainable schedule for your family, work on potty training, appropriate socialization and begin teaching basic cues. 

Let our team of trainers guide you through this trying time to a puppy you can enjoy for its whole life!

Puppy Preschool

Puppies 8 to 20 weeks

This set of lessons can be taken in any order so jump in as soon as you are ready! Each class is designed to stand alone so each team will benefit from a new challenge each class but can be taken in any order. Sign up for as many classes as you need to get your puppy ready for Puppy Kindergarten at 20 weeks. 

The goal of these lessons are to teach your puppy the life skills they need to be happy and resilient throughout their whole life! We will teach you what socialization actually means and how to be successful. We will also discuss potty training, nipping/biting, preventing separation anxiety, and other behavioral management strategies, to support you in your puppy-raising journey.

Coming Soon

Don’t wait for your puppies vaccines to be “complete”!

These outdated guidelines only delay your progress. Let our team guide you from day one!

More information on the new puppy vaccination guidelines can be found on the American Veterinary Medical Association website.

The Freckled Paw Academy adheres to the highest safety protocols possible to keep your puppy healthy while they are with us.

Puppy Classes are held at the Chesapeake Humane Society Adoption Center at 1149 New Mill Dr Chesapeake Va. (This is not the CHS clinic on Battlefield by the Great Bridge Bridge)

Puppy Kindergarten

 Puppies over 20 weeks, less than 8 months

In this class we continue on our Socialization journey by continuing to expose our puppies to as many weird things as possible.

We also learn about the clicker, having fun learning new things, body awareness and husbandry skills.  All the basics needed to build an incredible bond with your puppy that lasts a lifetime! 

Thursday at 4:00pm

Saturday at 10:30am