Real Practice in the Real World


He doesn’t listen when other dogs are around!”

“I wish he wouldn’t jump all over our friends!”

Let us help make your dog the best he can be with real life practice. With classes in real life locations you can make sure you are getting the most out of our time together.

Our 3 week classes are perfect for busy families who can’t commit to longer classes.


Due to the COVID 19 concern, our workshops have been cancelled until further notice. Please stay safe! 

Recalls on the Beach

Learn how to have your dog rush back to you no matter what distractions are around! Give your pup more freedom knowing they will come back to you.

This class is ONLY offered in April and September

  • Learn how your body language affects your dog
  • Learn the power of an “emergency word”
  • Work with the everyday distractions that can be found on the beach

Starts April 29 and 30 Cancelled

Paws and Pints

Work on skills needed to take your pup anywhere and not have to stress about how they will behave. We practice how to chill in a crowd, leash walking so you don’t spill a drink, polite greetings, and safety tips to keep you prepared! 


  • Teach your dog to settle with distractions
  • Learn how to “read” dogs to keep everyone safe
  • Work on advanced leash walking to keep drinks from being spilled
  • Practice polite people and dog greetings

Starts June 13th Cancelled