Tiktok Challenge: Do you need a second dog?

October 27, 2023

Are you ready for another dog?

There is a TikTok challenge going around, advocating for or against getting a dog for your dog. It could be a great thing getting a second dog (or third or fourth) but are you really ready? In addition to twice the food cost, twice the vet bills, twice the love, there is also lots of effort that comes with multiple dogs. I have a bunch of dogs ,so obviously I am Team Multiple Dogs. Let’s look at some reasons you might want to bring home another canine companion, but may not be quite ready.

“My dog is always getting into stuff and never sits still”

Being kenneled in another room or behind a barrier is a life skill that can be beneficial to help in your life. Everyday I need to be able to do all the things necessary to run a business, handle daily tasks, as well as occasionally sit down and relax with multiple dogs in my home. On top of all these things I also have to keep any of my broken dogs from injuring themselves worse. I need my dogs to know how to kennel when asked, which signals quiet time for them, so I can get my work done. Even when all my dogs are healthy and can hang out together, sometimes someone makes a bad choice and needs a break. Since I have created a routine where being in the kennel is a good thing, this becomes an easy ask when I need to leave or get some things done. Teaching your dog to do nothing and relax can be a challenge for some breeds but it is worth your time teaching them how to handle the less exciting stuff.

“My dog wants all my attention all the time”

Adding in another dog to your household can make this even harder to manage! Doggy FOMO is real y’all! I have dogs who love to work. When I get out the treats, I have to teach them to be calm and quiet when it’s not their turn. This is also true for attention. If I am cuddling with one dog, another is not allowed to push their way in. When I am preparing food for either myself or the dogs, they must be on their designated mats. Usually away from the kitchen so I am not stepping over dogs while I am cooking.  These are all skills we had to teach each dog individually so they are not trying to demand attention during different times.

“My dog loves other dogs”

That’s a good start to wanting another dog! Simply bringing another dog into your home will not magically make your current dog well behaved. Just like the “New, must have toy” at the holidays, the novelty will wear off. Then you have two dogs who are running amuck. Dogs learn very quickly from other dogs because they speak the same language. If your current dog is jumping on people, doors, and counters, then the new dog is going to learn those naughty habits as well. Then it becomes twice as annoying with two different dogs.
Overly friendly dogs still exhibit inappropriate behaviors that could use some guidance. We can help teach your dog to be less excited about other dogs while still maintaining their friendly demeanor. Adding more dogs not required!

Considering a second dog because your first is driving you bananas, may not be the answer! Let us help create the dog you thought you would have when you brought them home.  We can get you on the right track! Bringing another dog into an already chaotic environment will just make you more crazy! It may also create additional problems that you did not originally have. Spend some time getting to know your current dog. Explore what they really enjoy, and focus on meeting their needs. This will also allow you to love the life you have with your dog.

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