Time for a Puppy: Where to start

September 12, 2023

Finding your puppy’s first mom

You have settled on a breed! Now let’s talk about how to determine how to find a breeder who is going to give you the best possible companion for the next 15 years. Many people think that just because they find a purebred dog that means it is well bred.

That could not be farther from the truth!

In this post we are going to uncover some of the important things that your well-bred dog’s breeder will be doing that a more unscrupulous “breeder” would not be doing. The proof is in the product in this case.

I recommend people look for a puppy from a breeder who shows their dogs or has put some sport titles on the parents. Even if you have no sport or showing aspirations, the breeder is being judged on the product of their breeding by people who do not know them. Responsible breeders are agonizing over their matches, studying genetic testing, and planning 3 and 4 years down the road to make their next perfect puppy who will continue their breeding programs. Most litters do not have only one puppy, and the puppy that the breeder will keep (if they keep one) will be the most perfect for their needs. The other 5-8 puppies need to find perfect homes like yours.

Go the extra mile

Good breeders have poured their heart and soul into these puppies. They should be of the mindset that they will take back their puppy if you have had him for 10 minutes or 10 years. Dogs from reputable breeders do not end up in shelters. If they do, the community is bending over backwards to get them out. Our shelter systems are overwhelmed by backyard breeders, and puppy mills who only want to make a quick buck on their dogs. Do not contribute to that nonsense.

Be prepared for the breeder to ask you as many questions as you ask them. They also want to make sure the puppy they have brought into this world is going to a perfect home. There will most likely be an application process and an interview. Be patient in waiting to hear back, your breeder is busy doing the good work of keeping healthy dogs and studying pedigrees creating the perfect puppy for you. Often you will not hear back in a timely manner.
Don’t get upset if they don’t have the puppy for you, or they are not telling you what you want to hear. These people know their dogs better than anyone else. Great breeders want what is best for their puppy. You should be able to live your best life with the dog you imagined you would get. Remember this is a 15 year commitment.

Take the time to find the right puppy for you and your family.

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