Firework Season: Start Prepping Now!

June 21, 2020

The Fourth of July and fire works are right around the corner. Pandemic and Social Distancing creates a bit of a different picture than we are used to this time of the year. The big, city wide firework displays have all been cancelled but, that means your neighbors will be more likely to create their own. This adds a bit of unpredictability and extra chaos to your normal holiday weekend.

Planning Ahead

People are currently making their plans for the holiday. Make sure you have a plan for your pup. This holiday is one of the busiest for Animal Control because of all the dogs who get loose during the booms and gates being accidentally left open. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with your accurate contact information. Even if your dog has never left the yard, fear can cause them to do crazy things. Secure your gates and fencing before your guests arrive. If you use a gate to the yard for parties, create a safe space for your dog inside or in a pen in the yard to make sure they can’t slip through an open door or gate.

Fearful Dogs

If you know your dog is afraid of fireworks, find them a safe place inside the house to hang out. Cover the windows with a thick blanket to muffle the sounds, and leave the lights on in the room to keep the flashing lights out. If your dog likes their crate and seeks it out as a safe place during storms, then make it a comfortable place for your pup. Play some classical music or add some lavender to the diffuser to help your pup stay calm.

Call your Vet today!

If you know your dog panics during a thunderstorm or firework display, ask your vet for chemical help to get them through the night. This will help you enjoy your company, and your dog get through the night. Many of these medications cannot be prescribed without a visit to your vet. Waiting until the last minute can be a bad idea. Many vet clinics are busy with COVID restrictions and most want you to try a low dose of medication before you actually need it on the 4th. Don’t think medication is your last resort. If your dog is having a hard time, help them out. It will make everyone have a better night. Call your vet today if you want to have this conversation!

For more information on keeping your dog safe this year, check out All Things Dog, Episode 5. Diane and I talk in depth about how you can help your dog survive the holiday weekend!


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