Virtual Dog Training: Impractical or the Best Thing to Happen?

May 11, 2020

Corona Virus

Stay at home orders


Milo passed out after his Virtual Lesson

We are about sick of it and ready to get on with life. At The Freckled Paw, we miss our clients, snuggles from your dog, and watching the lightbulb moments as we work together. Our dogs are sick of us being home. (If we can’t train your dog, guess who we get to train instead?) We are sick of being home and not in a field celebrating when your dog doesn’t flip out because a dog showed up.

We really miss you guys!

The Bright Side

We have to adapt. We have to figure out how to go on in this new world we live in. People need help with their dog, and we need to be able to help them. Enter Technology! Since it is not safe to be in your living room, how can we still give you the information you need without being there in person. Virtual Meeting Rooms. Technology like Zoom and Skype are allowing people to stay in contact with each other while they are apart. We can use the same programs to enter your living room, and continue to help overcome your challenges.

Most of our in-person clients moved seamlessly into virtual dog training sessions when the “stay at home” order was put in place. After 8 weeks, many of those clients are finished with their programs and saw a hige difference in their life with their dog. We were still able to give them the information they needed to be successful, without leaving our homes. We have also brought on new clients through our virtual programs and they are also seeing a great change in their dogs behavior.

What we are Seeing

Clients are happy with the feedback and content they are recieving through virtual dog training sessions. Our proven programs are the same as they would be if we were in your home. We are able to work through the challenges we see most often, the same way we have always been able to. Clients are spending more time with their dog since they are home all day as well, so we are getting more feedback from each client, and in turn they are making progress faster than usual.

Dogs who are usually fearful of new people have the ability to learn in a stress free enviornment. The dogs don’t have the stress of having to make friends with us before we get started. Your dog doesn’t need to be friends with me, they need to be friends with grandma, and the nextdoor neighbor, we don’t need to stress out your dog unnecessarily.

What are you worried about?

We See Everything!

“You won’t see my dogs misbehavior!” We believe you! We absolutely know your dogs challenges and can help you without ever seeing your dog misbehave. One of the goals we have as being your dog trainer, is you don’t experience your dog’s misbehavior anymore. We want to make sure these things don’t continue to happen from day one! Practice makes perfect, especially with bad behavior.

“I am not a technology person”  We aren’t either. We train dogs! We want to make this as easy as possible for you to succeed. Virtual Sessions are as easy as clicking a link in an email. We will help you get your camera set up so we can see you and your dog, and pretty soon you will forget we are not actually there!

What else are you worried about? Let us help you feel better about virtual sessions, and show you the proven path to success! Start with your free phone consultation by clicking here! 

About Us

At The Freckled Paw, we are committed to kindness towards both you and your dog. We understand that every dog and owner team is different and will have their own unique challenges. We pride ourselves in listening to your challenges and coming up with a plan that will help you reach your goals for your life with your dog. Let us help you navigate your challenges and come up with a plan that works!