Teaching manners

March 1, 2020

What is one of the things that is sure to embarrass dog owners?

Their dogs jumping on people.

Whether it be when someone comes into the home or when saying hello to somebody on a walk, seeing those front paws fly into the air usually causes owners to turn red. Our puppies our the biggest offenders of jumping up on people, but there are the older dogs that get super excited about people who also just can’t contain themselves.

Greeting with confidence

There are ways to help dogs learn to stop jumping up on people. Here are a few tips on how to fade out our dog’s jumping:

1. If the dog is jumping up, give them no attention. Have a plan in place to make sure your dog is not practicing the behaviors you don’t like. Remember to be patient and stick with the game plan! You are trying to teach a dog to not do an impulsive behavior, it will take some time.

Owen loves greeting people with his feet!

2. Many of the times our dogs jumping is attention getting behavior. If we bend over to pet them, or continually chastise them verbally, our dogs learn that the jumping gets attention. Our dogs can’t tell the difference between good attention or bad attention in this situation. It is important that we spend some time teaching our pup an alternate behavior. I like to teach my dogs to go to their beds while people come in the house, and “sit” for petting while on a leash.

3. It is important to be consistent, but accidents happen. If pup pops off the ground we can use body language to convey our desires. You can cross your arms, or look up and away from the dog. You can also turn your body away slightly. These are all “cut off signals” that show our dog that we are not giving them attention.

4. Spend some time training! If you need some help reach out! We like to teach our dogs to lay on their bed, and that the treats will show up away from people coming in the door. This serves to keep the dog rushing out the door, allow your friends to get into the house, and it keeps your dog from revving up while people are coming in the door.

These two pups are learning how to greet politely and stay focused on their owners while friends are around.

Once your dog has landed all 4 feet back on the floor, you can then give your dog attention or pets. We can use our attention as a reinforcement of good behaviors like saying hello politely! Cookies are also recommended for good behavior!

If you are quietly laughing to yourself (or maybe not so quietly) because this is your life, give us a shout! We have plenty of tools that can help you and your pup be successful!

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