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January 1, 2020

Our Supply List!

We put together a supply list for those of you on your training journey. Everyone loves getting an amazon package so we have created a list of things that we know and love to help curb (or encourage) your online spending.

Most of these are amazon affiliate links just so you know (:

For all dogs:

Freedom Harness by 2 hounds: This is one of the better harnesses on the market for control, teaching leash walking, and overall durability. Obviously every dog is a bit different shaped but this harness is a great place to start!

Long leash: Make sure your pup has the chance to be a dog! Long leashes give you control and peace of mind while also giving your pup a little more freedom.

Treat bag: Reward the things you like! To do that you have to have food nearby. A treat pouch is a great way to ensure you are paying your pooch when it really matters.

Crate: We are big fans of crate training all dogs. The crate becomes a place for the dogs to retreat when life gets crazy, its a safe space to sleep so you are not worried about the couch being intact when you get home, and in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to evacuate or are displaced from your home, knowing your dog is comfortable in the crate is a life saver!

Mat: This is my favorite mat for training. Its thin, easy to wash, and the bolster creates a nice border for the treats to bounce against.


Kong: I have 9 at last count. We fill them and keep them in the freezer for crate time, and when we leave. Keep a few on hand for those unexpected moments when pup needs to be occupied.

Toppl: West Paw makes some great food stuffing toys. You can stuff one of the toppl like a bowl, and freeze it or snap a large and small together to create a wobbler toy.

Wobbler: This is an everyday item in my house. One of the dogs are playing with a wobbler at least once everyday. We figure you have to work to buy the kibble, your dogs should have to work to eat it!

For Puppies:

Snuggle Puppy: Its warm, and has a beating heart just like momma. If you are having some separation distress with your baby, this is a great option for soothing all the upheaval in their lives.

X-pen: This was great for baby puppy to learn to potty quickly while I had the other dogs outside. It was also nice to put up around my couch or anything else I didn’t want a baby alligator to eat while I wasn’t watching.

Assorted toys: As puppies are teething, their toy preferences will change depending on how they are feeling. Having an assortment of textures and hardness will help them choose appropriate things to soothe the ache in their mouth.

This is a great place to get started. As we work together and as we learn more about your dog, we can make better recommendations, and explore other options!

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