So you have a puppy!

January 22, 2018
Puppies at playgroup

Puppies are really cute but a bit overwhelming!

Whew! So you found your perfect puppy and now you have a date to go pick them up! You are totally ready for bringing a brand new moldable baby into your life. You have a plan ready to go to make this pup a perfect dog by the time they are 6 months old!


haha okay well now what?


Planning on puppy coming home.

I will admit, the baby puppy isle in your local pet supply store is overwhelming! What do you actually need to be successful?

Introductions to resident dogs go better with barriers to keep everyone happy

Crate, Baby gates and x-pens. Obviously you are not going to give your baby puppy free run of your house on day one. Using an x-pen helps create a “puppy zone” that puppy can hang out in while you are not actively watching him or when you need to go out. Cargo hated her crate when we brought her home so we let her sleep and hang out in our living room in an x-pen when we weren’t outside or playing with her. This let her feel like she was part of the action and still allow me to get things done. (although you don’t really get anything done with a puppy in the house) It also limited her potty accidents to one area when I wasn’t watching her.
To Pee Pad or not to Pee Pad
That’s a loaded question! We decided not to use pee pads because Malinois puppy would bite them, shred them and make a giant mess. If you have a small breed or will be gone for many hours, then giving your puppy a place to relieve themselves might be a good option. Some people do not mind the pads for the lifetime of the dog, and that is totally a personal preference. If you are not keen on pee pads into the adult stages, make sure you start to take them away as soon as possible. I recommend only putting them down when you are gone so puppy learns to ask to go out.
We had plenty of accidents so a good enzymatic cleaner like Natures Miracle is a must. Puppy can’t really control their bladder until they are about 12 to 15 weeks. (If you can house train a puppy before that, consider yourself lucky) You will have accidents too so it’s important not to scold your puppy when you find a puddle. If you flip out on puppy, they will learn that peeing in front of you is a bad thing, and will instead go hide when they need to pee. You want to be a part of the potty party, so make sure you are making a big deal about relieving themselves outside.
golden retriever puppyAll the toys!
The toy isle is just as overwhelming as the baby puppy isle. Get things that your puppy can not destroy. The little fluffy stuffies might be appropriate for your maltipoo, but your German Shepard is going to unstuff that thing in 12 seconds. Go for toys that are different textures and shapes too. Once your puppy starts teething at 15 weeks, they are going to be looking for things that will sooth the pain in their mouth. Giving them different options will keep them from eating your furniture.
Food Water and snacks!
Training starts the day you bring puppy home. Getting them used to a schedule and boundaries is a must for a chaos free puppyhood. My dogs eat in their crates for every meal, unless they are playing with a puzzle toy like boxes or the wobbler. Cargo quickly put together that the food dish goes down in her crate and does a really cute jump spin all the way there. Find a good quality diet for your pup. Read your ingredient list, and make sure you can actually pronounce most of the ingredients. Avoid foods with corn, soy, and by-products in the first 5 ingredients. If you have a giant breed dog, then make sure you get a food formulated for a giant breed. We feed Annamaet petfoods in my house. More info on that here: http://www.annamaet.com/ 

I’m going to stop because I don’t want to overwhelm you like the puppy isle did. We will visit a puppy training plan and the mostly ambiguous word “socialization” in our next post!

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