Virtual Appointments

The world is on quarantine, but you still live with your dog.

Let our Virtual Appointments keep your family safe and still address your dog’s frustrating behavior.

Get the experience you expect from our Elite Team, through your computer screen.

Let us guide you to success as effectively as an in-person appointment.

How it Works

After your phone consultation, you will register for a program recommended by your trainer.

Once you have registered, your trainer will email you with a list of times to schedule your virtual meeting.

A few hours before your appointment, you will recieve an email with the link to your virtual “meeting room.”

Simply click that link at the time of your meeting and you will see your trainer on your computer screen.

Between meetings send video and email to your trainer so they can keep up with your progress!


Great Option for:

  • Those who are nervous about the virus spreading
  • Military with crazy hours, and who could receive orders at any time.
  • Aggressive dogs who do not do well with new people in their home.
  • Separation Anxiety


Want to give it a try before committing to a whole program?

Give our Quarantine Questions or Prepared Puppy program a try.

Each of these programs come with two virtual lessons, an e-book, and feedback on video from your trainer between the lessons. 

This gives you a chance to try out our virtual lessons, and get the help you need from our Elite Team. 

Prepared Puppy

You had everything planned! 

Then we went into quarantine, and puppy classes were cancelled. Your plans to socialize your puppy at the brewery, the beach, the park with the kids playing have all gone up in smoke! 

Don’t worry, we can keep you on track! 

With our Prepared Puppy Program, we can give you the tips you need to successfully navigate this strange situation. Your well socialized, well adapted puppy is still within reach! 


Quarantine Questions

“Who is this dog and why is he being so annoying?”

“I just can’t deal with the dog right now!”

We get it!  We really do! Life has just thrown us all a curve ball! We might not have any answers for the virus, or homeschooling your kids, but we can definitely help you with your dog! 

Let us give you customized advice to help you through this tough time!