Day Training

Let us give you a jump start on your goals

Going to a bed is an easily reinforced alternate behavior for almost anything!

Puppy training more than you bargained for?

Adopted dog needs more manners than you thought?

Life getting in the way of time to train your puppy?

Let us help you reach your goals faster. With our experienced hands on the leash, your dog will learn the needed skills quickly. Then, we teach you how to maintain these newly taught skills and give you a lifetime of email support! No “Boot Camp” needed!

Day Training Program

Polite Pup Program 

You want a well behaved family pet but you have a busy family and just need a little help getting where you need to be. Let our trainers give you the jump start you need to be successful!

  • One hour private training with one of our trainers, three times a week for three weeks.
  • Two one on one training sessions to make sure you are comfortable with the training that has been completed, and you can maintain the skills taught.
  • Equipment Package that includes a Freedom No Pull Harness, Leash, Long line for training, and treat bag to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.
  • Lifetime support for questions or issues that might arise in the future. We want to make sure you have a wonderful companion for the life of your dog!
  • Addition to our exclusive Facebook Group where we post additional training tips and give guidance for any questions that might come up in the future.

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Who can benefit from Day Training programs?

Day Training programs are great for busy families who just need some help getting the basics taught. Clients who also benefit are those who didn’t realize their adopted puppy was going to get so big so fast, and is now too strong or wild to be safely walked. Let us do the basic training, and get your dog back on track quickly, no “boot camp” involved!