Day Training

Let’s give you a jump start to your goals

Puppy training more than you bargained for?

Adopted dog needs more manners than you thought?

Need a jump start with your dogs training?

Let us help you reach your goals faster with our Day Training Program!

With our experienced hands on the leash, your dog will learn the needed skills quickly. Then, we teach you how to maintain your dog’s newly taught skills and give you a lifetime of email support!

You get to enjoy a content dog each evening and weekend.

No “Boot Camp” needed!

School Starts September 2022!

To secure your spot on our waitlist please schedule your phone consult today!

What is Day Training?


Enjoy a well behaved dog without having to send them away to a kennel for weeks. Day Training programs are best for busy families who can’t commit to weekly lessons and practice in between. Because our professional dog trainers are on the leash, they can change your dog’s unruly behavior quickly.

As a result, you will see changes in your dogs behavior before the program ends!

Our Day Training programs are held at The Freckled Paw Academy while you attend to other needs. During your training program you will drop your dog off each day for 3 weeks. You get to enjoy your canine companion each evening, knowing they had a full day away.

Let our Professional Dog Trainers work with your dog multiple times a day each day through your program. In between each training session, your dog will enjoy a well deserved nap in a crate, and some enrichment to help them relax. 

When the program is complete you will have access to a library of videos and tutorials to maintain the behaviors. As with all our programs you can reach out for email support at anytime in the future.

To see if your dog is a candidate for day training schedule your phone consultation today!


Time is Valuable

With our Day Training Program

  • Your dog will learn quickly
  • See behavior changes faster
  • You enjoy a content dog each evening
  • Quick Drop off and Pick up each day

Skills For Life

  • Attention and Engagement
  • Sit and Down on cue
  • Leash Walking
  • Go to Mat
  • Self Control Around Food

Intensive Training

  • Multiple short training sessions daily
  • Efficent and effective training methods
  • Practice laying quietly in a kennel 
  • Equipment recommendations 
  • Access to video and tutorials 

Why a Phone Consult

Each new client looking for a training program will start with a phone consultation. Together, we will identify clear training goals for you and your dog. This helps to make sure we are working together for the well-being of your canine companion, and meeting the goals that you have set.

This appointment is scheduled so our scheduling coordinator is ready to give you their undivided attention. Phone Consultations are typically 30 minutes, to make sure our trainers have all the information they need to recommend a training program to match your unique needs.

We also match you to the program and trainer that will be the best fit for you and your family.