TikTok Challenge: It’s time for a second dog

October 27, 2023

Are you ready for another adventure?

There is a tiktok challenge advocating for or against getting a dog for your dog. It could be a great thing getting a second dog (or third or fourth)but are you really ready? In addition to twice the food cost, twice the vet bills, twice the love, there is also lots of effort that comes with multiple dogs. I have a bunch of dogs so obviously I am Team Multiple Dogs. Let’s Take a look at some of the signs an additional canine companion might be the right step!

“My current dog is perfect”

You really enjoyed training your first dog and they are everything you could have asked for when you brought them home. Their needs are being met regularly and you have no huge life changes on the horizon, then it might be a good time to bring home another dog.
Just keep in mind the time and effort that it took to get your first dog to this place. You now have to continue to do all those things, and do all the original things with your new dog. All that effort while it may have seemed simple for one dog is now 3 times as hard with the second dog. I find many people who get a new puppy, whether they already have another dog or who haven’t raised a puppy in quite some time find they had forgotten all about the puppy woes.

“My current dog doesn’t need as much attention”

As your dog ages you might find yourself wanting to do more training than your dog wants to do, or they’ve got the core obedience down but either you or your dog don’t want to do more than that. This might be a great time to bring in another pup to the house! Bringing home another dog when your current dog is between the age of 3 and 7 is ideal, and because your resident dog already has a solid understanding of your rules they can help show the newbie how it goes. The resident dog is also more likely to understand to wait their turn while you work with the new dog if they are not constantly vying for attention. It also helps if you know what your resident dog needs to be satisfied so you can meet those needs while also working with the new resident.

“My current dog doesn’t seem to enjoy some of the activities we used to do”

One of the ways to collect dogs is to really like doing things with them. You find that you enjoyed the puppy energy of one dog and now that dog is getting a bit older, you seem to be wearing them out. First make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that are causing a lack of energy. If all checks out then a new friend might be the right answer for everyone. The dogs can hang out together while you do things without them or they can take turns going on outings that everyone enjoys.

If these points sound like your current situation, then maybe the time is right! Make sure to check our local shelters and rescues for your next companion. There are great dogs waiting for you to be their forever home! If you have your heart set on a specific breed, then make sure you check out our book, Puppies Unveiled. This will help guide you to finding a preservation breeder, and highlight the red flags associated with Backyard breeders. If you are going to spend the money on getting a nice dog, we want you to find the perfect puppy!

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