The Daisy Daily: Living with a Dog Trainer

November 28, 2022

I have a new foster dog. Her name is Daisy, she is a 10 month old yellow lab. She has been here about a week now and is starting to settle in to the routine around here.

3 Days.

The day she arrived she played in the yard for awhile, napped in her kennel in our bedroom away from the other dogs. We wanted to give her some space to get used to her new environment and allow the resident crew to adjust to a new dog in the house. The second day she went for a short walk at our neighborhood park where it is generally pretty quiet. We did not introduce her to anyone or the other dogs even though she is very social.

Day three she slept. The stress of the uncertainty had caught up with her so she needed the sleep to recover. This is a good sign that she is starting to adjust to the new life.

Life with a dog trainer.

We began training exercises on day 3 just to see what she knew, and then we started at the beginning. Make sure to follow along to see some clips of what her training actually looks like and how we are progressing them.

This weeks goals are charging the clicker and teaching other marker words like “good” and “get it.” We will introduce “touch” and “sit” and work on the “name game” to get her responding to her name.

At this point I want to concentrate on meeting her needs so she can settle in as stress-free as possible. She gets lots of things to keep her retriever mouth busy and I am setting up every day things to be as calm as possible. She is now in a kennel in the dog room with Tower. There is a barrier to prevent them from barking at each other or getting worked up that the other is in the space. She can hang out with Opie at this point without making him mad.

Stay tuned as she settles in!


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